Taking My Own Medicine

August 27, 2019
For most of us, it’s easy to notice the things that other people could be doing differently, but harder to objectively look at ourselves in the mirror.
Delegation Style | Leadership Worth Following

What’s Your Delegation Style? 4 Common Drivers

May 31, 2019
Each of us has unique personality traits that can make delegation easier or harder. Knowing yourself makes it easier to share your strengths while managing your downsides. Here are four common drivers that can affect your delegation approach, with a coaching tip for each. Where do you fit?
Commitment to Lead - Passion for Results | Leadership Worth Following

The Commitment to Lead: Passion for Results

May 14, 2019
Individuals vary in what energizes and motivates them. As leaders, you can engage others and make them want to do well for you by learning to recognize and leverage what motivates members of your team.

Feeling Lucky? What’s Your Attitude at Work?

March 13, 2019
Around St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish get credited with embodying and enjoying an extra measure of luck. Even if you’re not a wee bit Irish, your attitude about luck could influence your career. How can you best leverage it for success?

8 Leadership Lessons: Stay Strong!

February 28, 2019
Winter can be a long, trying season for many – but spring is just around the corner. For leaders, too, each “season of leadership” requires resilience, adaptability, and hope for the future.

5 Tips for Becoming an Executive Coach to your Team

January 15, 2019
At LWF, we work with a wide range of businesspeople and organizations interested in our executive coaching services. One misperception we sometimes hear is the belief that executive coaching should primarily focus on advancing that executive’s own career.