Envisioning the Future | Leadership Worth Following

Envisioning the Future: 9 Tips for ‘19

As another year winds down, anticipation builds for the opportunities ahead in 2019. How can you fully engage your team in envisioning and goal-setting for a successful future? Here are 9 tips:
Gratitude | Leadership Worth Following

Three Ways Gratitude Helps You

Around Thanksgiving, it’s natural to reflect on gratitude and its impact in our lives, including our relationships and careers.
Executive Coaching | Leadership Worth Following

Q&A: Executive Coaching

At LWF, our executive coaching model incorporates practical experience, psychological research and business acumen. One of our team, Cara Wade, PhD, recently shared her insights.
Curiosity Growth Mindset | Leadership Worth Following

Fostering Curiosity: 6 Tips to Buffer against Burnout

“Curiosity” is in the spotlight in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR) (September/October 2018), with several articles exploring aspects of this theme related to managing people, psychology, and leadership development. One key component of curiosity is a “growth mindset,” which drives engagement, resilience, and is a powerful buffer against burnout.
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Still Relevant, Worthy Leadership Model Marks 10 Years

Today if you Google “leadership crisis” you’ll find more than 400 million results. Newspaper headlines and TV broadcasts detail the aftershocks of leadership crises impacting almost every aspect of society: entertainment, business, education, government, religion, etc.
Purpose Driven Organization | Leadership Worth Following

Purpose-Driven Organization

The power of a higher organizational purpose in motivating employees is discussed in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR) (July/August 2018) in a cover article titled “Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization”, written by Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor.
Improving Coaching Conversations | Leadership Worth Following

Improving Coaching Conversations: Part 2 of 3

Part 1 outlined suggestions for more effective coaching conversations, including a recommended, 4-step approach. Part 2 will summarize two other scholarly perspectives on successful coaching conversations.