Case Study — Utilizing Executive Assessments for Strategic Success

The journey to leadership excellence is a lifelong journey filled with both challenges and successes. The first step to achieving success is to gain a deep understanding of yourself, including your values, strengths, and areas for growth. Only then can you unlock your full potential. In today’s dynamic business world, constant change and innovation are the norm. This is where Executive Assessments come in, as they provide leaders with insight into the right tools to leverage to guide their teams and organizations to success.

Examples of The Power of Executive Assessments

Executive assessments are valuable tools for companies in various industries that aim to achieve strategic success. These assessments uncover the performance and potential of top executives and provide decision-makers with data-driven insight to make well-informed decisions. The following case studies highlight the benefits of Executive Assessments and the transformative changes they can bring about in organizations.

Elevating Aerospace Leadership: A Customized Approach to Executive Excellence

An international aerospace company with over 5,000 employees struggled with identifying leadership talent. In response to this challenge, they created a customized Executive Assessment, which was designed to pinpoint the critical behaviors that predicted leadership success. The study found that, on average, high-performing leaders scored 83% higher than average-performing leaders. This program established a clear strategy to help decision-makers identify talented leaders who could drive the business forward.

Revving Up Success: Polaris’s Strategic Talent Forecasting

Polaris, a global powerhouse in manufacturing motor vehicles, faced the challenge of scaling its operations based on its rapid growth. To streamline its hiring process, Polaris introduced five tailored assessments, each aimed at accurately predicting the potential success of leadership candidates. This targeted approach allowed them to identify leaders who were poised to thrive and lead, while also laying a foundation of continuous development for new employees. The result was a quadrupling of sales, which dramatically improved Polaris’s position in the market.

Navigating to Global Leadership: C.H. Robinson’s Talent Transformation

C.H. Robinson, a global logistics giant handling over 20 million shipments each year, understood the importance of a solid talent strategy. To enhance their workforce capabilities, they incorporated assessments into their overall talent management plan. This move helped them identify, nurture, and retain high-potential leaders, laying a solid foundation for creating a deep talent pool. This strategic move was pivotal in transforming C.H. Robinson from a regional logistics company into a global industry leader, guided by a team of exceptional leaders.

The LWF Advantage

At LWF, we excel in transforming the insights gained from assessments into practical and effective leadership development plans. Our approach is personalized, blending detailed analysis with strategies tailored to each leader’s unique journey. This ensures that our leaders don’t just understand their potential but are also equipped to use it in ways that bring about real, measurable success for their organizations.

Embark on Your Leadership Journey

Leadership excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous growth and improvement. At LWF, our Executive Assessments are designed to help leaders fully realize their capabilities, guiding their teams and organizations toward greater success and innovation. These assessments go beyond mere reflection; they act as catalysts for transformative change and unparalleled success.

Are you ready to uncover your leadership capabilities? Contact LWF today, and let us guide you on your journey to leadership excellence.