Executive Coaching

Are you coaching individuals or leaders and want to accelerate their progress?

The use of assessments in coaching can accelerate self-insight and behavior change in the coaching relationship, leading to more impactful, lasting results. For maximum accuracy and effectiveness, it is vital to choose a reliable assessment tool based on validated research.

With a comprehensive assessment, the outcome is a better holistic understanding of the complete person, and the various facets that comprise their personality. Under the guidance of a trained coach, assessments can help coachees see themselves from multiple angles and perspectives.

The DRiV is a 20-minute assessment that measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits – their drivers. By understanding what drives you and what drains you, you can create increased self-awareness and intentional behavior change. And by using the DRIV early in the coaching engagement, you can help the coachee focus on the highest-impact strengths and opportunity areas.

By combining the DRiV assessment with the DRiV 360, coachees can understand the “why” behind their behaviors and also understand how their behaviors are perceived by and impact others – a powerful, complete picture to accelerate coaching progress.

Contact a team member for more information on using the DRiV and the DRiV 360 in coaching engagements.