Team Collaboration and Inclusion

Are you leading a new team? Or are you trying to enhance the collaboration of an existing team?

Several years ago, Google wanted to know what made a highly effective team. They studied all kinds of aspects of a team, including executive evaluations of the team, performance data, membership, etc. They concluded the most important factors influencing team effectiveness were psychological safety (the leading factor), dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, and impact.

But, what is psychological safety and how is it created? Psychological safety is an environment where team members are able to take interpersonal risk. They can talk about tough issues, make mistakes, ask others for help, and be themselves.

Using a combination of the DRiV Team Member and Team reports you can help team members learn about each other (and themselves), and also help them understand team dynamics as they work to establish team norms. This can reduce inaccurate assumptions and biases, and accelerate the team integration process.

To learn more about using the DRiV with teams, contact a team member.