Benefits for Organizations

Finding – And Hiring – The Right People Is Hard

More than 25% of new hires fail because they can’t accept feedback. Coachability and growth potential are two proven predictors of high-potential leaders and coachability predicts potential at a rate 18x greater than past performance alone.

The RIGHT people are:

  • High performers
  • Those who don’t hit their ceiling too quickly
  • Highly coachable and adaptable


More than 25% of new hires fail
because they can’t accept feedback


LWF Helps By...

  • Predicting leaders 3-5x more successful than peers
  • Predicting leaders 3x more coachable than peers
  • Identifying leaders in top 20th percentile of growth potential
  • Providing evidence-based solutions
  • Leveraging 100+ years of combined experience
  • Applying research to guide leadership development


Predicting leaders 3-5x more
successful than peers

A Smart Investment

People are vital to organizational success. Organizations that invest in talent development and talent management see strong returns for every dollar spent.

  • 93%
    of CEOs say they need to refine talent management strategies
  • 81%
    of companies admit to making bad hiring decisions
  • 80%
    of turnover is caused by bad hires
  • 82%
    of organizations fail to choose right talent for manager role

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