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The DRiV team is committed to providing you with best-in-class reports to help you assess and develop leaders, teams, and organizations. We design tools that are not only highly predictive, but deeply insightful and developmentally helpful. Our reports provide straightforward, actionable insights, without being clinical or accusatory.

Leadership Report ($75)

The Leadership Report can be used for leadership development, executive development and coaching, and can help in identifying and developing high potential leaders and successors. It is also a useful tool in career exploration, as you conisder your next career moves. It provides insight on what drives and drains your energy. Each 18-page report includes your DRiV profile, Factor scores, and explains how your drivers affect your behaviors, energy, and the impact you have on others. You’ll also receive questions to help you think through these implications and development tips to help you apply your insights.

Snapshot Development Report ($35)

The Snapshot Development Report provides insight into what drives and drains your energy. Each 13-page report includes your top five drivers (i.e., things that will energize you) and bottom five drivers (i.e., things you are less driven by and that may drain you). Includes questions and development tips. This report can be helpful in a leadership development or other professional development workshop, as it provides individualized insight that participants can apply to their leadership and professional behavior.

Team Report ($200)

The Team Report* combines the DRiV data of individuals in a manner that allows interpretation to be made at the team level. An overview of team results is presented that identifies team drivers, drainers, and areas of DRiVersity. Includes possible implications for team dynamics.

*Because individual DRiV Leadership data is needed for interpretation, all participants included in a Team Report must have previously completed the DRiV assessment and had a Leadership Report generated for them.

Team Member Report ($25)

The Team Member Report* provides insight into what drives and drains energy at work – both for you and the people on your team. It includes your DRiV Factor scores as well as how your scores compare to the broader team. Tips and insights for you and your team based on these DRiV Factor scores are also provided. This report is very helpful for new teams, teams who are changing strategic direction, or teams who are having interpersonal conflict. It can easily be used in a workshop, with the Team Report, to establish team norms and psychological safety.

*Because individual DRiV Leadership data is needed for interpretation, all participants included in a Team Report must have previously completed the DRiV assessment and had a Leadership Report generated for them.

DRiV 360 Report: ($200)

The DRiV 360 Report is a 360-feedback tool based on the DRiV model. Raters are asked to select whether the ratee should continue doing, do more of or do less of the 56 DRiV 360 behaviors. The report incorporates feedback from all raters who completed the survey. It includes an overview of the results, detailed responses by rater group within each DRiV Factor, and open-ended comments provided by raters.

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The DRiV measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits – their drivers – in one efficient and comprehensive 20-minute assessment. Acting on insights gleaned from the DRiV can help your people become better leaders, stronger team members, and more satisfied, productive employees. Contact a team member to learn more or to test the DRiV for yourself.

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I’ve used the DRiV in combination with other assessments during a three-hour interview. I found the DRiV quite useful in understanding group leadership behaviors in a turnaround function. The report’s layout lends itself to better understanding of what leaders do and what behaviors they’re likely to exhibit; I could ask questions and dive deeper. I’d definitely use the DRiV again – it was very useful and practical in evaluating leadership behavior

– John R. Fulkerson, Ph.D., Fulkerson Consulting,
New York, New York