Leadership Model

Inspired by failure; motivated to change

Why do some leaders fail to lead with integrity, protect stakeholders, or appropriately manage self-interest? We noted the terrible consequences of many high-profile leadership failures – for the leaders, employees, organizations, and communities. In 2004, Leadership Worth Following was founded to help chart a better path forward.

Creating a new model

LWF studied the people, companies, and events involved in these leadership failures. As a result, we developed a new model, Worthy Leadership, that is anchored in 3Cs:

The foundation of leadership performance that includes critically important skills, knowledge, and experience.

The multifaceted passions and energies that propel leaders to extraordinary performance.

The integrity, ethics, and courage to earn and maintain stakeholder trust, and to be accountable.

This innovative approach – backed by scientific scholarship and hands-on business expertise – is a clear framework to help organizations better assess and develop successful leadership. (Click here to read about the Worthy Leadership model in the Consulting Psychology Journal.)

Ongoing Development

LWF serves leading and aspiring companies across virtually every industry and organization size. Today, we’re a premier provider of leadership development consulting, assessment, and talent strategies that deliver results.

We continue conducting impactful, insightful research for our clients, industry conferences, and journals. LWF leverages decades of experience to strengthen organizations by developing individuals and teams for successful leadership. We inspire actions and attitudes that nurture individuals and invigorate organizations.