Succession Planning & High Potential Development

Are you building your bench or talent pools for critical roles? Are you looking for effective ways to accelerate
the development of your high-potential employees?

Succession planning focuses on developing future leaders for critical roles to the organization. Yet, most HR leaders report that “bench strength” is at an all-time low, with many organizations struggling to fill critical leadership roles.

Psychological assessments can help identify employees who are naturally drawn toward certain roles and also have potential for them. By using the DRiV as a consistent indicator of role alignment and potential, you can help accelerate the development of these key players by providing them with insightful feedback to use in their development. By adding the DRiV to other succession-planning staples like performance ratings, development planning, and on-the-job stretch assignments, you can create a best-in-class talent bench.

The DRiV is a 20-minute assessment that measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits – their drivers. By understanding what drives and drains someone, you can understand their behavioral tendencies and leverage this information in development planning to accelerate learning.

To learn more about using the DRiV for succession planning and high potential development, contact a team member.