Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching model was developed by our founder, a respected pioneer in this field for thirty years. Today our team leverages decades of practical experience and psychological research, supported by hands-on business skills and continued academic study. At Leadership Worth Following, executive coaching is a powerful process that cultivates personal growth and benefits the entire organization.

We follow three phases:

  1. Do Better: Align executive intentions with behavior; Learn to apply leadership skills for maximum benefit.
  2. Be Better: Aspire to raise expectations for personal and organizational growth; Discover and strengthen self-coaching skills.
  3. Changing The World Around You: Transform focus outward to others; Help others do better and be better; Multiply positive impact.

Common Challenges
Executive coaching is beneficial in numerous situations, including:

  • Fix-It: Navigating key career moments of significant challenges.
  • Acceleration: Rapidly preparing for greater roles and responsibilities.
  • Transition: Effectively assuming new assignments and positions.
  • Skill Development: Applying specific skills to boost effectiveness.

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