See Work as an Adventure: 7 Tips

Our attitude about work and our preparedness can make a huge difference. Here are 7 tips to help develop a healthier, more productive and more adventuresome attitude:

1 Expect Change.

Along with ambiguity and frustration – at least sometime. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Focus on strengths and successes, especially when dealing with a challenging situation. Trust your ability to adapt.

2 Build Support Network.

Share your concerns and challenges with others. Talking about issues provides you with thinking time, good alternatives, different ways of seeing things, and support when things get tough.

3 Stay Positive.

Use affirming self-talk to help deal constructively with mistakes and setbacks. Employ humor to increase your resiliency. Tap your support network. Try physical coping strategies to reduce stress. Relax through exercise, meditation, mental imagery, etc.

4 Start Small.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed or defeated, take a mental step back. Instead of considering the big picture, persevere by identifying and starting with one small thing. Keep moving the small stuff when you feel yourself getting stuck.

5 Recall Past Success.

Remember past times when you faced obstacles and setbacks. What got you through? Leverage your past lessons and successes to better tackle current challenges.

6 Shift Focus.

Turn attention away from your feelings in the moment. Work toward understanding others’ needs. In conversation, establish a balance between the task/topic and supporting the relationship.

7 Move On.

Remember that mistakes are inevitable. The best, most effective leaders do not necessarily make fewer mistakes, but their better choices mean smaller mistakes. Effective leaders “clean up” effectively and quickly move on.

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