Keely Mobley

Manager, Technology Solutions

Keely Mobley is LWF’s Manager of Technology Solutions. Keely actively uses her Software Engineering background to identify, create, and automate tools in the assessment process . As a result, Keely has played an active role in helping establish best practices for the assessment processes. Keely’s latest efforts at LWF have her spearheading LWF’s product development line. Keely works closely with LWFs development team with the design and implementation of various on-line products and tools. She works closely with clients providing a seamless and supportive process for LWF’s software solutions

Prior to joining LWF, Keely spent 11 years with a software development company where she served as a Software Engineer. Keely traveled internationally serving on teams as Team and Project Manager. Keely received her Bachelors of Science degree in Management Information Systems at the University of North Texas.