Leadership, Character Discussed at Business Special Interest Group

Next Meeting Scheduled for August 10

“Why do we fall for charismatic narcissists?” was one of the business topics discussed in May during a quarterly Leadership Advantage special interest group (SIG) meeting hosted for members of Executive Connection (EC), an invitation-only events company based in Dallas with 400 members representing approximately 200 unique companies. This SIG is sponsored by Leadership Worth Following (LWF), a Dallas-based leadership consulting firm.

Two executive consultants with LWF co-facilitated the May 11 discussion. Before that meeting, attendees were invited to read two leadership-related articles – one from Harvard Business Review (HBR) and the other from California Management Review.

The HBR article about the attraction of narcissistic leaders generated the most interest and conversation. SIG members shared stories, advice and encouragement related to working with, and working around, such destructive – yet often charismatic – personalities.

The Leadership Advantage SIG is a forum for networking, learning, sharing and expanding perspectives on leadership effectiveness and impact. Launched in January 2017, the Leadership Advantage SIG consists of quarterly presentations, discussions, and other events that enable members to share practical, real-world business solutions, advice, and best practices. Attendance typically ranges from 30 to 40 people.

This year’s theme, character in leadership, was kicked off in January 2018 with a wide-ranging discussion about behavioral assessments and character models. The next quarterly SIG event, scheduled for Friday, August 10, will focus on using personal values and drives to define leadership intentions and character, including self-assessment, application and development.

To better facilitate discussion, August 10 attendees are first asked to complete LWF’s new personality assessment tool – the DRiV – designed to measure what inspires work and gives it meaning. By evaluating what drives and drains people in their careers, the DRiV can help predict optimal leadership styles, determine effective team composition, and implement more engaging work practices. In October, the SIG event will be a panel discussion.

Kenton Kisler, EC’s founder and program facilitator, said the idea for starting the Leadership Advantage SIG was extremely well-received among EC members. “Our members really appreciate the focused insights and collaboration made possible in our SIGs, and Leadership Advantage is a great example,” he noted, adding that other current SIGs include Information Technology, General Management & Operations, Transformation, Enterprise Risk, and Philanthropy.

LWF appreciates its partnership with Executive Connection and is excited about playing a role in the important work of leadership development through the Leadership Advantage SIG.

For more information about Executive Connection and the Leadership Advantage SIG, please visit their website. For more information about Leadership Worth Following, click here.

About Executive Connection
Executive Connection, based in Dallas, is an exclusive, invitation-only, cross-functional organization that facilitates strategic relationship development, collaboration, and leadership advancement. Members of Executive Connection include Board-, CXO-, and VP+-level executives who represent a variety of companies, many with annual revenues exceeding $250 million.

About Leadership Worth Following
Leadership Worth Following, LLC (LWF) is a Dallas-based consulting firm specializing in leadership development consulting, assessment, and talent strategies that deliver results. Founded in 2004, LWF continues to hone its capabilities and expertise through research and real-world experience with varied organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to small nonprofits. By launching its proprietary assessment tool, the DRiV, earlier in 2018, LWF expands its capabilities by helping organizations discover what drives and drains their leaders, teams, and cultures. For more information, visit the DRiV website.