Christa Mason, PhD

Vice President, LWF Assessment & Coaching Services

Christa Mason joined LWF in 2016 and currently serves as Vice President, Assessment and Coaching Services. In this role, she focuses on leadership assessment, development, and coaching with the goal of helping people become the leaders they intend to be. She works with leaders across organizational levels, using different tools (e.g., personality, emotional intelligence, multi-rater inventories) to provide impactful, actionable insights that help leaders “do better and be better.” She has experience coaching and developing leaders’ skills in the following areas: communication and influence, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, building relationships and teams, and transitioning into new roles and assignments.

In addition to her assessment and coaching work, Christa also develops and delivers research-based workshops, customized assessment centers, and competency models. She has experience working with organizations in both the private and public sectors, including transportation, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and technology companies and government institutions.

During her time at LWF, Christa has also served on the firm’s Science & Research team, where she assisted with product development. She continues to use her background in research methods and analytics to provide clients with evidence-based solutions, tools, and services.

Christa graduated summa cum laude from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and a minor in anthropology. She received her PhD in industrial-organizational psychology at The University of Texas at Arlington. Her research focused on humility, leadership potential, and leadership derailment. She currently lives in Dallas and is affiliated with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Society of Consulting Psychologists, and DAIOP.