A Dozen Ways to Envision the Future

Here are 12 ways to more fully engage yourself and others in envisioning a compelling future for your organization:

1 Communicate clear vision & roles.

Ensure the direction aligns with the organization’s mission and strategy. Clarify other people’s roles in attaining goals. Consider how to make the greatest impact this year and beyond.

2 Think out loud.

This is especially important early in the conversation. Resist the need to feel entirely comfortable or have your thoughts fully vetted before joining the dialogue.

3 Contribute in small ways.

Work your ideas in early, allowing for others to respond and then incorporating their reactions into your replies.

4 Find your own voice.

Success in leadership is more than implementing someone else’s vision. It’s about finding your own voice, developing your plan, gaining others’ commitment, and making it happen.

5 Involve your team.

Request their insights to help you generate new possibilities.

6 Explore new trends.

Consider 5 emerging trends likely to affect your industry in the near future. With your team, brainstorm ideas to capitalize on them.

7 Stretch your comfort zone.

Tackle an initiative you know little about by using your resources and becoming more inquisitive.

8 Consider outside perspectives.

Challenge yourself and your team to see perspectives outside your organization.

9 Seek greater impact.

Embrace projects with company-wide impact and implications. Look for new opportunities to create value.

10 Challenge your assumptions.

Re-think ideas and beliefs related to your business and your team’s work. Explore other possibilities. Consider what’s limiting your options.

11 Share your energy.

Inspire action without relying solely on authority. Leverage your enthusiasm to motivate others to continuously improve and add value.

12 Celebrate success.

Acknowledge and reward others’ significant achievements. Share news of your employees and team to management in visible, positive ways.


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