6 Steps to Driving Execution & Considering Long-Term Needs

These suggestions can help you balance short- and long-term needs to maximize positive results.

1. Become more open to different perspectives. Broaden your vision of the future. Align your vision and goals with the organizational mission and values. Plan for the future.

2. Offer incisive alternatives to the status quo. Draw on your knowledge, experience, and awareness of marketplace trends.

3. Demonstrate leadership in planning. Focus on establishing strategic objectives that significantly advance the business.

4. Break down vision into objectives and goals. Develop plans for your team and department with action steps and timelines.

5. Consider role of you and others in achieving goals. Be more specific and articulate when communicating long-range goals.

6. Balance long-term goals with short-term priorities. Strategize in decision-making; consider how your choices will impact business objectives.