6 Steps to Delegating Better

Increase your effectiveness and empower your team through successful delegation. Here are 6 steps to consider.

  1. Push Yourself. Work on delegating responsibility and holding others accountable. Avoid choosing the “easy way out” or assuming “their plates are full” by doing it yourself. Start delegating!
  2. Identify Opportunities. When reviewing a problem or goal, challenge yourself by asking, “Who else can do this, either now or after some training?” Strive to delegate the “do-ables” and oversee the “deliverables.” This frees up time for nurturing other leaders.
  3. Use 3-Pronged Approach. Delegation, Elimination, and Setting Priorities. Focus on eliminating tasks that do not provide value, setting priorities for tasks, and then delegating the remainder in a 360° circle – to peers, boss, customers, and direct reports as appropriate. To gauge effectiveness, try delegating just one task a week and monitoring results. (Doesn’t delegating 50 tasks a year sound enticing?).
  4. Communicate Well. Successful delegation involves communicating, setting timeframes and goals, and then getting out of the way. Clearly explain what, when and why in your assignment, being open to how.
  5. Clarify Understanding. Ask the team member to reflect back his/her understanding of the expectations. Ask, “What do you expect to experience in this task?” “What results do you expect?”
  6. Provide Positive Feedback. Openly support others, recognizing their contributions and personal development.