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DRiV — Tools For Assessing & Leveraging
What Drives You? What Drains You?

If you want to get the most out of your people, you need to know what drives them. What are they passionate about, where do they want to focus their energy, and what do they expect from themselves, others, and their job. Not everyone is driven in the same way.  The DRiV enables you to capitalize on individual and collective drivers to help your people become better leaders, stronger team members, and more satisfied, productive employees. DRiV is a scientifically validated development tool that goes beyond basic self-awareness to understand the why behind the what.


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360-degree Feedback Tools

  • Worthy Leadership Profile is most comprehensive, involving 120 core behaviors influencing leadership outcomes.
  • WLP Core 60 Profile is a streamlined assessment focusing on 60 core behaviors that best predict leadership success.
  • Pulse 360 Survey is a flexible, 7-12 item evaluation of progress and priorities.
  • Verbal-360 Process involves LWF consultants interviewing personnel to assess leadership style, aid coaching, and nurture growth.

Private-Label Options

LWF can tailor our proprietary survey platform and leadership assessment tools to suit your
specific organization’s needs.