Our Approach

  • Worthy Leadership
  • Great Consulting
  • Great Science

Worthy Leadership

Worthy Leadership is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character, and value. At LWF, we seek to identify and develop leadership that is truly worth following. After all, organizations can only go as far as their leadership can take them.

The Worthy Leadership Model (WLM) was conceptualized in 2004 and published in the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research in 2008. The 3Cs of the Worthy Leadership Model are comprised of three distinct, yet critically important components of Worthy Leadership: The Capacity, Commitment, and Character to lead.

Capacity – The foundation of executive performance comprised of critically important skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience.

Commitment – The multifaceted passions and energies that propel leaders to extraordinary performance.

Character- The integrity, ethics, and courage to earn and maintain stakeholder trust, and to be accountable.

Great Consulting.

LWF partners with clients to offer high impact and scientifically grounded individual, team, and organizational solutions. We carefully listen and confirm our clients’ business strategies, goals, and needs. We then bring unique knowledge and powerful lessons of experience to the design, implementation, and evaluation of solutions. Using the revolutionary Worthy Leadership Model as our behavioral framework, we use the scientifically grounded multi-trait, multi-method, multi-assessor process. As a result, we provide our clients with the most reliable, valid, and insightful information possible.

Great Science.

Like our clients, we believe that effective, sustainable leadership strategies need to be based on more than personal opinion, folk wisdom or good intentions. For that reason, we employ a science-based methodology of “test, evaluate and improve” at every step of our process. We partner with leading researchers in the fields of psychology and business, and we subject our processes and solutions to critical peer review to ensure that our results are tangible, effective and reported accurately. We also work in a highly collaborative manner with our clients, listening carefully to confirm their business goals, needs, concerns, obstacles and past or current strategies. We then bring unique insights and proven experience to the design, implementation, and evaluation of our customized solutions.


LWF has always sought independent university-based research partners as well as collaboration with thought leaders from a variety of disciplines, including industrial and organizational psychology, counseling psychology, consulting psychology, and business management. In addition to our Business Advisory Board, we also hold a formal Science Advisory Board.


LWF offers financial grants to researchers and scholars to enable them to evaluate our work, explore important questions, and support important work in related areas. We also offer short-term internships to assist in the training of future professionals, and two fellowships — one in applied research, the other in executive consultation.