About Us

A new way to look at leadership.

LWF was founded by A. Dale Thompson, Ph.D. in January 2004, in response to what seemed like an epidemic of corporate failures. He reflected on the number of truly brilliant executives he personally knew or had assessed in his 25+ years as an executive consultant, and was disturbed by how many of them had failed so catastrophically in the area of fundamental leadership.
Too many failed to lead with integrity, protect stakeholders, or appropriately manage self-interest and, as a result, they, their employees, and their communities were paying an enormous price. It quickly became clear that these leaders, despite their many talents, were not worth following.

Studying these failures

Studying these failures—many of them in iconic, industry-leading organizations—Thompson concluded that leadership needed to be worthy—and that Worthy Leadership needed to be anchored in The Capacity, Commitment, and Character to Lead. This model was a new lens through which organizations could view, assess, and develop executive leadership and, in doing so, better understand how the difference could trigger catastrophic failures or significant success.

Since Then

Since then, LWF has been sought out by leading and aspiring companies in virtually every industry, from high-tech and transportation to health care, hospitality and more. Today, LWF is recognized not only as the premier provider of talent and organizational development services, but also as a model for scientifically based leadership training strategies that have been proven effective time and time again.

icon1Download the acclaimed 2008 article, “The Search for Worthy Leadership,” written by LWF’s leadership including A. Dale Thompson, Myranda Grahek, Ryan Phillips, and Cara Fay.